Windscreen repairs

Anybody had a stone chip in their windscreen repaired (rather than replaced)? Does it work?Ta, Ian [image][/image]

Yes, in fact the RAC have a service where they fix it for free (you don’t need to be a member and it doesn’t affect your NCD) because insurance companies would rather pay the �50 or whatever it is to repair your screen, rather than fork out for a complete screen a few days/weeks later.

I had it done to our 306 a few years ago.The result wasn’t brilliant, a large faint circle surrounding the chip, and the chip still pretty visible.I wouldn’t bother getting a repair again.Mark

Thought I would put my Oar in the water.I have had two replacement windscreens and a repair done in a matter of 13 weeks.Autoglass carried out all three repairs/replacements, my portion of the two replacement bills (�554.56) was �40.The repair cost was �105.16 and was not only free for me, but out lasted the first replacement windscreen.Yes it works, but the repair can be seen.