Windows not meeting the rubbers ?

Anyone had the problem where their side window doesn’t wind all the way to the top (no, this isn’t a euphamism like Pesky’s elevator not going all the way to the top )

Water gets in and I have an annoying whistling at speed (from the window, not the passengers )

Is there an easy way to adjust it ?

Yep, described in the manual.
There’s basically all sorts of adjustments, and one of them is tilt in/out.
Thre’s also slant backwards/forwards and total height front and back.

I only played a little with mine, but got the impression that moving one you affect the others, so needs patience.

Lots of paitence!!!

But there’s the bit’s in the middle which adjust the “tilt” of the window so it’ll line up, but what you really need is to adjust the “stoppers” at the top of the door, basically if these are set too low then no mount of adjustment will cure it

IIRC it was a 10mm bolt holding it on, you need a very small ratchet and it’s pretty easy from there.

I had the same problem on my Exige and I must have spent about 2 hours on each side getting things spot on-but its worth it-no leaks or wind-noise.

I’m considering putting some rubber strip at the top of my side windows so that it meets the rubbers at the top of the frame… it’d raise the “top” of the window that critical few mm, that’d fix it in the interim !