window dropped

my passenger window is now located in the door its come un stuck anyone know whats best to stick it back with? i’ve heard this is a common problem

Yep, its dropped out of the 3 brackets that its glued/bonded into… somepeople get them rebonded but any dealer will try to get you to replace (140quid IIRC for the window)
You window/glass exess wont cover as the window isnt technically broken either

your right ive taken it apart the glass is fine i can clean the old glue off just not sure what would be best to bond the glass back onto the three brackets with
its got small bolts on the brackets to but i don’t fancy trying to tighten them i’ll end up breaking the glass

I just used an epoxy glue, mark the areas on the glass where the brackets fit (you can see where the old glue was) clean it up and then take some coarse grit wet&dry and scratch the glass so that its no longer smooth.
Mix the glue apply on both sides and slip the brackets on until it has set.

and BINGO, job done

cheers phil looks like i’ve got a project for the weekend

Quick set epoxy and its back in and working in less than 2 hours

Have fun

ever since I replaced the window I have a habit of pushing/helping the window down with a finger whilst winding it down. Also keeping the rails lubed with that rubber lubricant (erm?..) helps

I noted that my right side window was rattling from new.
Noticeable mostly when I closed the door (ugly rattling sounds)

One day I disassembled it and it was one of the three bolts that didn’t have a nut! Talk about Lotus quality, they seem to have forgotten one, as it was nowhere inside the door.

Installed a new nut and now the door closes like a Porsche!, with a nice “thud!”

Go figure…

That must have been the nut i found rolling around in my dashboard as it was a new unused nyloc one…

Do you want it back ?

Of course!