Will's Ohlins..........fitting Q!

…thank you Will, now MY Ohlins but a little question folks. My mechanics are good, but have not the most technical of set ups, is it just a simple case of Bilsteins off and Ohlins on? Also how much would you estimate the labour on this job…days work all 4 corners? Thanks all

Here are the fitting instructions:


I don’t know how long it takes to mess about with the separate damper reservoirs, but fitting my nitrons took about two hours on my drive going slowly. I then had to take them off again as they were the wrong ones, but thats another story!
Then a geo i’m guessing 2-1/2 hours maybe �160 elsewhere.

Thanks Neil I have those, my main concern or question is whether or not it’s a straight forward swap…is it that easy? From those instructions it does look a longer job then 2 hours

Doing the switch is a straight forward job, less than a couple of hours. I’ve done it myself when taking them off and putting the new dampers on. All you have to add to that is then a proper geo. My ride height isn’t necessarily going to carry over onto your car, and the other aspects, camber, toe etc will need reset after the ride height change.

I thought you were getting this done last week?

Arh mate I was and I was also putting a new exhaust on which were all thrown out due to an over busy workshop and a late arrival…still the back door on my wifes car looks so much better without the dent in it! Two days took four so the dampers had to give…thanks for getting them here so quick, I was itching to give them a try…sorry!

I managed to at least try fitting the exhaust on Sunday night. There actually going on when the manifold comes back. You’ve answered my question, a poper geo’s going to be my problem.