Will the Lotus 3-11 wheels fit the Exige S?

I have seen a couple of posts over the last few months alluding to the fact that there might be a light weight wheel option for the Exige S in the pipeline.

Not sure if this will actually happen (potentially on the future Exige 400) or if it will be the same wheel design, but I think the wheels from the new Lotus 3-11 would look great on the Exige S!

Got some forged wheels in the pipeline for the Exige v6.
Look very very similar to the wheels Lotus used on the fabulous Evora GTE

Good to know, could you please post a photo of the wheel design which is closest as I have seen at least three different wheel designs on the Evora GTE?

Similar to this

and very very much like the ultra lights like this

Very nice looking weeks, look forward to seeing them on cars when they are released

I really like the 311 wheels :thumbup:

Next you will be telling me Dave that you can get them in gold for the LF1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Not the 311 stuff but the new wheel I mention is available in Matt Mars Gold (LF1 Colour)

Looks like the lightweight wheels have launched with the new Exige Sport 350: