Will 240 wheels fit any old Exige?

More to the point… why won’t they?

Centre of hub seems too big to fit the hole in the wheel centre.

These are the wheels…

Should go straight on, a few guys on here have 240R wheels

I have them on my car straight swap and they are known as 240 wheels

Do your wheels have “spacers” in the center… these seem to have them.

The wheels are from Lotus but refurbished ie. painted, the build up of paint inside the wheel spacer is apparently the problem. So an attack with coarse paper should solve it. On early cars they are a “very snug fit” I’m told.

Wheel see…

Dremmel is your friend. Problem solved
Very pleased with the look of them I’ll post some pics shortly, just need toscrub the new 048’s in now.

Where can I get those wheels from? LTS direct? are we talking �2k for the set?

Phone James at SW Lotus “The Lotus Centre” they have some wheels there.