Why would I want a LSDon my new Exige

Title actually says all. We’re planning on ordering a 2006 Exige this week. One of the available options is LSD (that has to come with traction control). Cost of this option is Euro 3,000.

Any thoughts on the pros and contsof having one installed?


Nico van Steen

In theory it gives you better drive out of bends.

Try a search, as Randy and Uldis discussed the pros & cons recently.


Quick answer is that it is really only worth it if you had more power.

This was posted on the US forum from a Lotus tec

Hi All, the Lotus sport LSD is a plate type, we now also offer the torsen type as optional on the MY06 Elise and Exige. To be honest there’s little to choose between them, they have similar bias and the plate diff doesn’t have any preload so it’s driving characteristic is close to that of the Torsen. The Torsen should last longer and doesn’t need a special oil. If you fit an LSD to a normally aspirated car it will get away from sharp corners better, but will have less communicative steering and will tend to a mild understeer on full power which may not be to your taste. A LSD equipped NA car will probably be slower round the average circuit as a result of this understeer bias, however the car will be quicker in any competion which requires a fast getaway from a sharp corner such as Autocross. We do recommend the installation of the TC at the same time as the LSD as it helps the balance of the car under hard acceleration through corners. If you don’t like it (although I don’t know why you wouldn’t) you can always switch it off…

Hope that helps