Why no MR2's in Mid-Engined series.

A question for Remark Lima. I know you graduated from track day to race driver this year, and you race an MR2. In the drivers meeting at Silverstone, the above question was asked, so any idea?


Hmmm I’ve looked at the reg’s for the Mid Engined series and it allows MkII’s (I was in a MkI, the old wedge of cheese )… And more importantly, MkII Turbo’s which have 220 (early) / 240 (94 onwards) BHP as standard, 300+ is easily attainable

But as we all know power doesn’t help if you can’t lay it down and the only thing would be the suspension, but a decent pair of coil-overs would certainly help!

I was thinking that myself tho, a stripped out hardtop you could probably get down to about 1100KG or so and the early ones you can pick up for �2-3k…

But their no where near as refined in the handling dept. as an Elise / Exige, much heavier (or have power steering ) and quite a bit more of a handful…

The early one’s also have very very viscious snap oversteer tendancies

But I’d be tempted just for the price alone! That’s if my next series don’t work out Looking now at Jedi race cars!!! http://www.formulajedi.com

But I think they could be competitive, TRD do loads of stuff for them too…

Are there absolutly none then?

Looking now at Jedi race cars!!!

What’s one of those babies cost?!


None have even enquired about the series. To sum up then, it is not the cost of entering, but the competitivness of the MR2?

The Jedi car… Hopefully I can pick one up for about 3k but I just need the rolling chassis as I have a man to build an engine for me

As for the MR2… Maybe the competitveness but I can’t see it being that bad, it’s a class lower than the Exige as it only has a single throttle body…


Think it would be pretty quick but then don’t even see many on trackdays either, most MkII’s are just into maximum bling, 19" wheels and booming bass sadly

But then doing donnington in November with IMOC so will really get to see how they compare to the Exige

IMOC? Is that Britcar-if so, I will see you there.

Ah no, it’s the “Internation MR2 Owners Club”… Cunning eh?

The day is on the 4th December… Thought it was before but obviously not… F**k that’s gonna be cold!