Why does it ALWAYS rain on me

Is it me or does everyones Exige S leak like the perverbial siv?
So far had leaks near the a pillars (which were done under warranty). Now they are leaking at the rear which I have found to be the glass is too high in the front and the rain comes in over the lip, through the seal and then soaks into the headliner. (Yes I sat in the car whilst it rained and studied the whole thing). This is being looked at tommorrow at B&C again! The roof leaked in the middle behind the storage net, so roof got re-bonded. Since then the thing has leaked above the front windscreen and the whole headliner in soaked about two inches from the edge! Should I push for a new roof or is there something I am missing or un-aware of that Lotus know about?

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Mine has never leaked - I know that doesn’t help you though . Why not just drive it when it’s dry ?

It’s the old problem of no garage otherwise I reacon it wouldn’t be such a problem. I’m also not one of these “fair weather drivers”. I bought the car to drive and drive it I do

Have you tried silicon grease or Vasoline on all the seals? I did this the day I bought mine, it may be the reason it doesn’t leak and it also stopped and squeeks and rattles.

Storage net?
Huh? Am I missing something?

I had a the roof replaced under warranty on my old 2006 Exige S.

Stopped the leaks into the cabin.

The boot still got wet though…

so roof got re-bonded

I dont understand that one, what would they be bonding, the roof lifts out ?
My roof has been off all summer, with an Elise soft top in its place. Put it back on recently, no problem with leaks.
I live at 1000ft on the Pennines (it rains a lot), the car largely lives outside, and it doesnt leak (famous last words)

The outer skin and the inner skin I would imagine, plus the scoop.

it’ll be a broken roof. Mine leaked and the dealer kept gumming it up internally with silicone then sending me away saying all woule be well again. It was only after I pushed hard for them to actually take the roof off that they admitted it was cracked in 3 of the 4 corners.
1 brand new roof later and I get no more leaks !

B&C have said that they want to arrange a meeting for an Engineer and myself. Think i will have to put on my serious head and say its a joke and i want a new roof!

“Why does it ALWAYS rain on me?” pom pom pom…

GMan I had a nightmare with my roof on my S. Please feel free to use as an example when speaking with Phil in B+C service (mention the welsh guy with a graphite grey S).

My roof leaked all over and it turned out to be a manufacturing fault with the roof, which was replaced under warranty after an engineer had visited. The whole episode basically took 9 months but the car is fine now (although will still leak if blasted with water, but then so did my old exige so i dont mind).

Phil has all the details but in fairness B&C went out of their way to help, it was Lotus who were dragging the process out far longer than necessary.

Keep pushing and you will get a satisfactory outcome. They also replaced the rubber seals around each door.

I also went through the rebonding nonsense - basically the roof is two layers that are stuck together, if not done properly at the factory then water seaps in between the layer… my leak for example would take about 10 mins of raining before it actually leaked through to the fabric on the inside of the roof.

Cheers ExigeBoy, sound like the exact same situation.

my leak is back - joy!

Lotus investigating