Why do people sell their Exige?


I’ve seen a lot of people in this forum, that praise their Exiges and then they just sell them.

Far from me to put my nose into other people’s businesses, but…

The Exige is a Supercar! It’s gorgeous, at least as fast as Superman, has the best handling of any car in the world(!!), and very exclusive ( Only 500 made or so ).

Maintenance wise is far cheaper than other supercars out there.

So why do people sometimes sell their cars to go and buy a Porsche, Ferraris, Evos, Scoobies, or something like that?

If it was a money issue I would understand, of course, but, sell an Exige to go buy something else on a higher price range… what for?

For me, it’s because I can’t afford ALL the cars I want !

And since you’re a long time dead, I want to experience as many cars as I can… which is why I change them so regularly.

I know what you mean, not that long ago I (plus anybody that knew me) would have said I’d never get rid of the Exige for all the reasons that you say.

However, David is right that like all car lovers the temptation to change to something new can be overwhelming. In my case, back to a TVR, why?, convertable, more of an everyday car (IMHO)(Exige basically track days only cars again IMHO), wife prefers and will drive, raw power ,more torque etc - well these are the reasons I gave myself at the time.

Now got the TVR and love it BUT still miss the Exige - David’s right wouldn’t it be nice to have them ALL

David Ward

That’s why I love my Playstation GT3 garage, I never have to get rid of them!

I don’t plan on selling mine, I think it’ll be the last of it’s kind. A true racing car for the road (and almost practical!).

I’m sure it’s supporting cast will change regularly though.


and the problem for me is that it’s so easy to justify (to myself) each purchase…

  1. I want a convertible for summer
  2. I want a cheap track car
  3. I want a quality track car
  4. I want a fast track car
  5. I want a hooning around tail sliding track car
  6. I want a 4x4 to lug them with
  7. I want a reliable car
  8. Sod reliability, I want it fast !
  9. I want a rare car
  10. I want a popular car, rare cars are hard to sell…
  11. I want a car that doesn’t depreciate much
  12. To heck with depreciation, I’m keeping it forever !

and so on…


at least now I have an overview on why people sell Exiges…

But David,

An Exige with TT260 conversion? Faster car than that? What did you buy next? A Murcielago?

I guess that the more you have, the more you want. And, i’ll probably do the same when I buy my Exige, but… It’s just that, for me, the Exige represents my dream supercar. And if you have the best there is, why change?

Anyone coming to the Euro 2004? In their Exige?

Great atmosphere, great food, excellent wines, more sun than you can hope for, friendly people…


P.S: Hey David, do you know who now owns “your” TT260?

An Exige with TT260 conversion? Faster car than that? What did you buy next? A Murcielago?

Couple of points there 1) something not too disimilar! 2) I’m not so sure a Murcielago is quicker than a TT Exige!

P.S: Hey David, do you know who now owns “your” TT260?

I believe it was for sale on Autotrader.co.uk recently.


An Exige with TT260 conversion? Faster car than that? What did you buy next? A Murcielago?

Nah, nothing as slow as a Lamborghini I bought a 996 GT2, which tried to kill me. constantly.

I sold the Exige to a young lad (23 I think) but since then it’s been up on AutoTrader. Where it is now, I don’t know.

I’m sorry but,

Seriously, are you saying the TT260 is faster than a Murcielago?

When you say faster, what do you mean?

In a track, 0-60, 0-100, 1/4 mile, what?

I feel goose bumps!!!

To be honest I was talking track lap times, but now looking at your list, it could well be all of them!

It’s a heavy old thing a Lambo. It’d win when the speeds start getting above 130mph as the Exige has a lot of drag but until then I think it’d walk away from a Murcielago on track.


The Murcielago has approximately the same weight/power ratio that the TT260, and less drag. Shouldn’t it be faster?

The murc would probably have less traction, and much less cornering speed, because the centrifugal force generated by all that weight takes a lot of the grip out of the tyres…

But I still want one

I brought Davids tt260 Exige and im 21, i did put it up for sale but then decided it was to good to sell so still own it. Its a very good car and i’d love to race a Lambo in it.