Who's cars at Goodwood?

Just returned to the States last night. Attended Goodwood on Saturday. Who’s silver Exige was at the Toyo display? I also saw two Exiges in the car park near each other (a yellow and a orange).

I’m jealous of all the great cars you get to drive on the street in the UK!!

I was there on Sunday in the Blue Exige. Also saw the orange one - I do like that colour.

Was there on Saturday. Black Exige parked right by the entrance to car park G - didn’t fancy loosing the splitter so dumped it as close to the entrance and exit as possible !!!

First time I’ve been and what a top day. The Elise GT1 looked ever more mental up close than any picture that I’ve seen.

Going back next year !

He Meat,

ever considered moving to the UK?
Just for the car culture?


I considered it up until I had to pay over $5/gallon of gas!!!

I don’t know how you guys afford the gas, taxes and insurance on cars over there.

But it was awesome to see the Loti and TVR’s on the road and the number of Aston Martins, Bentleys, RRs, MG’s, Porsches and Super 7’s was amazing. Overall, I found the “level” of cars to be much higher than mainland Europe.

I was also shocked at the number of convertibles with the relatively “poor” weather reputation the UK has.

Just for the car culture?

That being a culture where you can’t even drive 31mph in a 30mph zone without fear of losing your licence

Not fond of modern American cars (Viper + Ford GT excepted)… but if I lived in the USA… I’d have a terrible weakness for 70s muscle cars.

The early 70’s and mid to late 60’s were good for cars going fast in a straight line - they become suspect when you want them to turn!!

Dave, I see what you mean. I would do the same, and modify them to make them turn.
When I was in University I had a 302ci Barracuda and later a 360ci Charger SE.
Fenomenal muscle, but difficult to make them handle.
I guess if I was there, the 1/4 mile street racing would put me off, and since there are only a few places with twisty mountains, I would try to live there (some parts of California, Colorado, ???)
But then I like cold weather, so that discounts California.
Oh well, I hope to stay longer around here.

Meat, you forget that we don’t pay motorways over here, and that litlle cars don’t drink that much fuel, the Exige gives me about 30MPG in the road and 15 in the track. (the 'Cuda did around 8 MPG being gentle)

Little cars or not (I hired a MB A140 for my trip) it was painful to fill that car up at about $50 per tank. My Integra GSR costs me $18 to fill up here.

It felt like I was driving my Chevy dually tow vehicle (7.4l V8) around and getting 8mpg!!

Mine was the Chromium Orange one. It was there all three days. Its an event that i havn’t missed for ten years and i would recommend it to eveyone. The best motoring event in the world without a shadow of doubt. If you were around on Sunday at the prize giving you would realise why! Its not everyday a Lord invites everyone into his house for Champagne and a peice of cake!!!
In a word AWESOME.