Who Still has a 177 ECU?

Just a thought about the pro’s and cons of changing from the 177bhp ECU to the 190bhp ECU, cross-posted from the 340R group by Peter crook:

“It was put to me by a Lotus employee that the main aim of the 177 mapping was to enable the car to pass emissions tests for production vehicles - the implication being that the important thing was that the 190 mapping was
right, as it was expected that most enthusiasts would implement this upgrade to experience the car as the engineers envisaged it, rather than as the legislators strangled it.”

I know there is alot of confusion about the “190 upgrade” itself, in terms of what it should actually consist of as there was a range of upgrade items not all of which were necessary or indeed fitted to most cars.


so you going to change now?

someday… someday…

although i don’t know if i actually understand the quote above in terms of what its really saying…

there’s a lad of 190 bits for sale at the mo…