Who is running Pierburg CWA400 as only pump?

Hi all, Been a while.

My body converted Elise to exige/motorsport is also running a non standard engine, swapped from a 1.8 rover to a 2.0 duratec to a 2.5 duratec (i4)

To fit the 2.5 I had to fit an underdrive crank pulley. I am not convinced the mechanical waterpump is doing great in low revs I already have a Graig Davis 115 or 150 EWP up front to start if temperature goes above 90 celcius (tripple rad, biggest laminova I could find, 82 PRRT, etc. )

Is any one on here running a Pierburg CWA400 without any issues to control the coolant temp? Are you seriously tracking it besides driving it on the road?