Who is mystery star in Avon Performance Catalogue?

Check this out !!

Guess the identity of the Gunmetal Exige seen here hounding the Evo…


(PS - Ian - can I have your autograph??)

I thank you!

In the immortal words of Jonny BookaTrack - “If you look in your mirror and it wasn’t there a few moments ago it’s quicker than you.”


ps. No, before anybody says it, it hadn’t just taken me. As if that’d happen to an Exige under braking!

In lap??

No way, look at how hard it’s banked!


This is an actual shot from the latest Avon Performance Tyres catalogue, a full 48 pages, in colour, and it came free with Circuit Driver this month…

I guess they were supposed to be advertising the Avons on the Evo…

Well if they’d make the ZZ-R in our sizes they could at least claim I was!