Who is it?

This is absolutely true…

One of our members/Exige owner competed in a UK Formula Ford race against the late, great Ayrton Senna, whilst the latter was still a rising star. Apparantly, by the final lap, Senna was only a second or two from lapping our man.

So, who is it?

[It’s obviously not me, cos I’m too young ]

Lord Whitter? though he must have been in short pants

though he must have been in short pants

I’m told he likes them that way.

No, not the venerable Lord Whitter.

In any event we all know that Lord Whitter would have wupped the little upstart’s @rse.

My guess (well first one) is Mike Stripe!

Am I right?! Am I right?!

I met Senna when he was racing Formula Ford (I was about 10 and he 20). He was quick, but his English wasn’t so hot!


That would be my guess too

Martin Brundle

No not Mike Stripe (he’s definately old enough!!! ).

As far as I know, Martin Brundle hasn’t got an Exige, so we’d better discount him too.

Keep trying Ian - you’re on the right lines.

Martin Edwards

Nope, not Martin either, sorry Andy.

Must be Jonny Herbert cos I know he used to have an Exige and might still have

The person you’re sfter is a regular on this bbs, & is/was NOT a professional racing driver.

I don’t know enough about our lot’s history but how about

83man or SI ??

I’m voting for the mexican

maybe if you had said raced 250’s against mick doohan… but not cars… for our spicy friend…

Nope, not me, I’m new to cars.

I met once Valentino Rossi at a track session in Misano. Nice wee lad (very small, and he is taller than most!).
Spoken with Troy Corser, Pier Francesco Chili, Mike Hale and a few others, all nice lads.

Maybe in a couple years we can say that I was the one dicing with the almighty RussT at some trackdays?

Time for a clue, methinks


Is it someone from good old Yorkshire .

errr Simon E ???/

errr Simon E ???/

Bingo - well done

Perhaps Simon will be tell us the full story?


Well that was a lucky guess

I have met Simon a few times and hes never said anything about it .