Who has a 190 ECU but not the upgraded software?

Again, another debate about whether this was a beneficial thing to have done, as some people saw it as having drawbacks. The only noticable one I found was the lack of pops, bangs and flames on overrun or changing up, especially when runing hard.

Another thing is that it was done in most instances by main dealers during normal scheduled servicing and they did not necessarily inform the customer.

Cross-posted from the 340R group:

"If you read Nick Adams comments which he made in writing on the official Lotus Club web forum you will see :

"The revised programme eliminates the infamous 5400rpm stutter, cleans up a couple of other areas of the calibration "

Full text of comments at : 340R.NET - Internet resource site for Lotus 340R owners and enthusiasts

I spoke to Nick to clarify his comments and he made it clear to me that the 190 calibration was significantly improved - when I sent mine off to be reprogrammed I found his comments to be 100% correct - the low speed tractability and smoothness was much improved (eg the car was now happy to potter along in 4th gear with no throttle) - acceleration was also much smoother. My mechanic who tried it said “feels llike another car - this is the best 340R engine I’ve driven.”

The recall 190 mapping is far superior in performance to
the original 190 mapping - much smoother and more tractable from low revs - a Lotus employee told me that they took the recall as an opportunity to put right some of the areas which they were not happy with on the 190 mapping. All 190 owners are advised to implement the recall version. It still has misfire protection, but in 2 years I never managed to initiate this despite running with non standard mini exhaust and other combinations without cat and on track."