Who does the duratec conversions?

anyone got any info on this?
I read about the 2.3l conversion and was quite impressed.
Anyone had a duratec? Are they reliable and how much do they cost?
Cant seem to find any info anywhere!!

Speak to Geary at www.Eliseparts.com Its a good conversion.

thanks randy, will do

Mine’s done ~40K or something and not had many issues.

many issues?

I’m confused… hadn’t you already sold your Exige?

I thought so too. want to tell what happened?

i have no problem at all explaining why i still have the car denis, though i think a grown man like you should accept that i decided not to sell the car, i told you the reasons why and apologised for any inconvenience, though i dont see how you could have been caused any? For you to be making little digs around the owners forum is childish and i think you should behave yourself and look for another car.I had taken no money from you, i had not signed anything and you had not even viewed the car!! You may not have liked it! I apologised for choosing not to sell the car to you in the end, for reasons i will type in just a second but at the end of the day, i am well within my rights to do as i please with my car and you can pretty much accept that and calm yourself.

The situation is as follows…

I was looking to change the car for something different. A skyline GTR to be precise. I placed a �1000 deposit on the car while the company (Gt Culture) advertised my car for sale on autotrader at �19,999. I got no offers for weeks and due to my work commitments i tried to move the car quickly and offered it on exiges.com / mloc at �18.500 to sell super quick. Still…no offers. Then a couple of weeks later i found i was due to be relocated to the US in january so decided that i no longer needed to change the car and cancelled my depo on the GTR.
Around this time Denis contacted me about the car and wanted to buy it at 18,500. I told him i was no longer in a hurry to sell the car but would probably let her go for 19k. He asked if i would meet him halfway at 18750 and i said i guess so for a quick deal.

Then he wants me to drive it to a garage on my day off so he can have the car mechanically inspected by a garage which isnt a big deal but to be honest i wasnt that fussed about selling it anymore, especially for 18750 when it was costing me 26k.

Denis was due to come see the car the next week but after driving her over some favourite roads i realised i didnt really want to sell her. Too much money invested and i had cash to spend on her so i decided to email Denis and tell him i could not go ahead with the sale. I could have lied and told him i sold it to someone else but i told him the truth. I just like the car too much. I apologised and understood that he would be upset but i was a gentleman about issues. Unlike Denis who behaved like a child throwing his toy out of the pram with surly emails and now stupid little digs on a forum.

Like i said Denis, it was a verbal arrangement, no money exchanged, no contracts written and you hadnt even seen the car. I was honest with you and thats all i can say im afraid. I hope you can learn to move on and find yourself another exige. Im sure there are plenty to go around

Sorry Dennis,

Sounds like Koopa is well within his rights and I can so see why! I’ve gotta resist driving mine too much or I’ll never want to sell it

i can understand why he would be pi**ed off but to be honest you wouldnt expect a grown man to make digs on an owners forum over something so trivial??

ok, sorry if it’s sounding petty, but yes I was pretty pi$$ed off.

been looking for a while. someone else local seemed keen to sell then tails off to nowhere. then a good looking car near to home comes up [koopa’s]. he seems keen to deal and confirms the car is still for sale. price agreed [e-mail, not verbal, though it doesn’t add much]. dear john e-mail arrives. me fed up.

ok. end of story

not quite- nice mk2 now on pistonheads

not quite- nice mk2 now on pistonheads

If you are thinking about a S2 then you don’t deserve an S1

Koopa, that’s the most beautiful love story I’ve read in a while.

Brought a tear to my eye…

Well done man!

did i mention we rode off into the sunset together

Bollywood film in the making