White rims on the S1

Got some white rims on my other exige…whadya think?

Where did you get that model from…ive got a yellow S2 from Argos but the sliver S1 looks fab…any info would be greatly appreciated please!

Very Japanese.


Its a Tamiya TT-01 chassis, heavily modified with bearings, carbon tat and ali bits. Its got a 12 turn elec-motor motor with electronic speed control with ABS…bloody quick now!

The body is from HPI and came out on the nitro powered HPI kit (RS-4?) in 2000. I painted my original one black and found this one on Ebay. It was already painted silver so I had to have it. I need to source some black rims for it now as these are the originals from the tamiya kit.

sorry, edited to add that it is a 1/10 rc kit but the body is a widebody version so I need some spacers or wiiide rims to fill the arches properly.