White decaled S2

Thanks to Scott from B&C for the pics of his little project.


I tinkered (fairly crudely) with the colour on the splitter, spoiler and roof ‘vent’, as well as taking the edge off the red.



hi is it ian? is it your car? think it looks great and even better with the red splitter spoiler and vent.

No, not mine. Bell & Colvill have it for sale I believe.

I have driven it though, before the outside was done, but the inside was done very nicely. Certainly added an extra bit of specialness.


I have to say… I think it’s really really horrible.

its hard to try and make an exige look bad…but that ones on far off the mark

I like the “Before” version.

Reminds me of the Carrera GT3-RS. Surely you’ve created this colour-scheme with that one in the back of your mind. Since I love the GT3-RS to bits, I find it hard not to love this car as it is both pone of my all-time favourite cars together with a stand-out-of-the-crowd colour-scheme.

As if you really need the colour-scheme in Belgium to stand out, the Exige does that by itself. Not many around where I live and extremey rare sight one on the high-way or any roads around my area for that matter.

Even if I see one it is or :
The guy from the Lotus-dealer in my town.
A U.K. guy on a pass-trough to Calais.



I don’t like it… I guess they’re trying to make it adopt the colour scheme of an GT3 RS or something, but it doesn’t work.

The car is already too much show for not enough go… let alone adding all that on.


I guess we can conclude stating :

There is no arguying on taste… It is something personal. For me the Exige has enough go to go with the show, but then again, I haven’t spent any time in better or faster machinery.

Not only to mention the fact that I most likely I will never be able to buy the more exotic machinery you have been able to.

Unless the company that I’m starting up shortley goes super-crazy and then I will have my own hangar filled with neat machinery. Though only 5 or 7 years after the start-up, not sooner…

Strangely enough, I’ve always hated white cars. And that one has suceeded in confirming my feelings. Yuk. The red bits only make things worse. That dodgy colour scheme was always the worst thing about the Porsche RS, can’t understand why anybody would copy it.

Well strangely I think it looks better on the Exige than it does on the GT3RS.

I’m looking forward to whatever Russ has done!