whine in high gears?

anyone else had this? Its a noticeable whine as i accelerate from around 3000rpm to 5000rpm usually in 4th but sometimes 5th. Sounds like a high pitched whine but disaapears after 5000rpm? Also getting a bit of stickyness with the clutch returning when downshifting from high speeds? WD40 do the trick? cheers fellas

Hi Fella - yes I get this just as it’s coming on cam.

It’s only when our Gerts in the motor

She either can rocket up and down the country faster than superman or yours is a different whine!!!

Sorry that I have been sod all help at all

I would check the gearbox oil level.
If left low and used hard, it may overheat the GB, with expensive results.

i can define the prob a bit better now!! the noise appears when the engine is lugging in first, kind of like a bike chain high pitched mechanical whirring that disappears once over 2500 rpm. The noise doesnt really happen again until accelerating from 2500rpm in 4th or 3000rpm in 5th to about 4000rpm where it is more audible. My friend seems to think its just a silly vibration perhaps from the engine. Any closer with this guess?

Does it go if you put the clutch in?

Mine kinda does this, I’m sure it’s the clutch release bearing getting worn, which “if” I’m on the origional cutch then I’m not surprised So will get it replaced when the clutch goes (because as we all know… It will one day ).

it only happens when your on the move , i.e no use of clutch. its like a trilling noise (not big ends!!) at low rpm in high gears that disappears once up to spead. Saying that, my clutch has started becoming sticky when downshifting at speed? Any connection there?

edited to say i know the sound your referring to but its not that

So can you make the same noise happen with the car static? Or is it just “under load”?

If it’s under load then it’d imply something gearbox / driveshaft / differential related…

Calling Uldis! Could this be a worn Tripod joint?

Speaking of funny noises, it’s funny how you tune into all the squeaks and rattles, Tash just says it’s a big dollop of noise, while I’m saying can you hear that?

yup, only happens when under load! will get the car booked in to the garage tomorrow. However, my arse is still killing me from the shafting they gave me last time

Tripod joint could be possible if it hapens only under load.

But come on, did you check the gearbox oil level???

Checking the g’box oil lever is a total PITA tho’…

In my experience the easiest way to top it up is to remove the ali panel under the airbox then unscrew the mach speedo unit and use a funnel to put oil in through there

Tripod joint sounds painfull !!

is that tripod thing an expensive fix? ive not checked the gearbox oil yet. I assume after the engine was rebuilt 2k ago and i had the quickshift and linkage fitted the oil would be topped up. Also the shift action is fine, no probs there.

They don’t top up the GB oil level for any of what you describe. It’s all external to the GB.

It could just be a noisey gear box, they are quite loud IMHO…

But chuck half a litre of MTF94 in there and see if it improves. A gearbox seal may be on it’s way out so you’re slowly loosing oil kinda thing.

will do fellas, thanks for the help