Which oil?

Did a search on here and came up with 0W 40, but the manual says 5W 40

Guess I have to take the 0W 40 back!!!

I would stick with 5W, but it’s maybe not a huge issue.

The 0W is more for suited for sub zero starting temps, and offers better circulation when cold. I don’t know if it’s thin enough at cold to cause any issues, but i’d doubt it.

I’ve never used a 0W oil on anything myself though.

If you change your oil every few thousand miles then I would be tempted to use it and change it for 5W next time, after all, winter would be the best time to use it.

Just my 2p.

Thanks for the reply.

Going to use it today.

How much oil do people use to get it to the right level?


When changing oil and filter your handbook data of 4.4l is just about correct.

I have been using Mobil 1 0W/40 FS for the last 15K miles on my S and have no complaints. I believe that Murray Motors use this for all their Lotus service oil changes.

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Thanks Frank

Car currently on axle stands with a bound sump plug

Put some 3in1 on it and will try it later!

Got the bugger off!!!

0w- is for temperatures in the region of ~ -20C !!! There’s no way it should be needed in the UK.

15w- should be ok for temperatures down to ~ -10C

0w-40 would be too thin imo on a summers day in the UK without the twin oil coolers and surely you would be risking engine damage on-track?

IMO, 15-50w if you’re going to use your car on a track in summer. 5-40w if you are going to have the oil just for winter.

Also, don’t forget, the further the numbers are apart (%age), the more polymers are being used meaning more deposits in the engine.