Which Harnesses?

Right decided that the exige needs a pair of harnesses (or maybe just for the driver?), though im not sure which ones to go for?

Schroth I hear? Or Silverstones?

Have the harness bar and sports seats already

Also are these easy to fit? Do I need bigger bolts? I take it I need to take the roof off, then the seats out?

Any handy guides kicking about? The elise parts one seems to have vanished

find answers with pics and video on sector 111 website


Just fitted Schroth ones to mine and dead easy. No need to take the roof off either. You will need different seast bolts if you are keep the standard belts in. Talk to Malcolm Sanders at MSAR. He can help with the harnessess too.


Brilliant cheers… How are you finding them? Did you go for the push button or rotational clip?

I take it you used the extended bolts? Where did you get them?