Which Extended Warranty??

The warranty on my S2 Exige has just run out and im looking to take out an extended warranty…

The car has been pretty good but ive still had the following problems during the first 2 years - all covered under the original warranty…

N/S/F wheel arch liner replaced (it fell off on the M27)
O/S/F wheel arch liner replaced (warped)
Wiring harness in engine bay replaced due to charging fault
New throttle body due to erratic idleing
Central locking control box replaced
3 broken exhuast mounts on the stage 2 exhuast
Piper cross induction kit replaced

and im sure there have been other things ive forgotton…

Can any of you recommend a warranty that gives good cover??

most after market warrantys will not cover any of that.

the Lotus is a cheap car to run, your better off putting 1k in a bank incase of any problems imho.


I looked into this a few months back and if you read the small print you’re not actually covered for things like adjustments/small niggles not to mention wear and tear on things like clutches. The small things are cheap to fix anyway, the only things I can see failing are toe links, clutch and maybe A/C. Save your money, I’m expecting to replace the toe links and clutch on mine anyway in the next 6 months. If your engine blows it will either blow in the first thousand miles or let go due to oil starvation or over-revving.

I looked into an AA one and small print shows it only covered items that prevent you from continuing your journey, so something like a jammed window etc would not be covered.

thank you for your views…

ive had extended warranties in the past and you do need a helpfull garage that will word the problem in your favor…

most will only cover ‘mechanical failure’… but not wear and tear or serviceable items… had the car been out of Lotus warranty all the problems i have had i believe would of been covered

the policy im looking at by Warranty Works, who i have used before for my previous Elise 111s, is �700 for 3 years and covers mechanical, electrical and clutch which i think is great value for money…

and it really does add value and appeal to the car if and when i come to sell it (it certainly helped when i sold the elise)

was just wondering if anyone had specific experiance with other companies policies

If only �1k in a bank was enough… so far my warranty has cost Lotus well over �2k with exhaust replaced, dashboard replaced, throttle sensor replaced and now heater resistor replaced (clam off job). My warranty runs out next August which will be just after I px it! After seven years of Elise and now exige ownership my exige is the most unreliable car ive ever had in 25 years of motoring.
Its fantastic when its all working though so may well px it for another one with a warranty.