Which exhaust...

Which exhaust would you recommend? i dont want to mod the read diffuser:

  1. 2bular - Not too sure?
  2. Arqray - Thinking a bit too loud for everyday.
  3. Stage I - Not keep on the looks of it.
  4. Stage II - Dont like the drone and boom.
  5. Miltek - Never heard before?
  6. Quicksilver- Is this too similar to the Stage II?

Any others?
Many thanks

Haven’t you answered your own question?

It’s down to personal taste really. I have level 2 and an ITG and it sounds great IMHO.

You pays your money…

I’ve had the quicksilver,found it boomy at 70mph and the build quality was suspect,sold it on and bought a larini(not on your list) that is much better.


thaks, that certainly rules out the Quicksilver then!
Which Larni one did you get? also the rear does not need modding with this one right?
i dont suppose you have any sound clips of it? and a rough cost?
Thanks again

Will take pic later if i get the chance,theres some footage with sound here-- http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5851773664720860371&q=lotus+exige


Should speak to Jim V of 2bular
Best zausts

larini prices here-- http://www.larinisystems.com/catalogue.php


Although I don’t have an S2, from the exhaust I’ve seen and heard, the 2bular one is the best of them.
Much better sound than the Larini (and quieter in db), real quality finish and very light.

Check out some of the pics of Jamies one and you’ll se what I mean.

Or, if you went and seaw them installed you’d know immediately what I mean.

Thanks guys, how does the 2bular compare to the others in person? is it a deep bassy sound like the Stage II? i hope not.

I moved from a Stage 2 to the Quicksilver tracksport. It has a much nicer note, with none of the drone at motorway speeds. Lost the pops on the overrun, but I’m not sure you can have it all.

More info here

Might not be what you’re after if you didn’t want to modify the diffuser, but who knows.

Here are two vids of my track friendly GT3 zaust
(everyone seems to like the 2bular zaust when they hear it in person)

2Bular Are fantastic i have an ultra seen here http://www.2bular.com/Ultraexige.wmv

And also a GT3 same as Jamie the both sound fantastic
gt3 is more user and ear freindly
I dont think you would be aloud within a mile of a track with the ultra 2bular

I have the Larini on my car, and have to say I have slightly mixed feelings about it. It sounds fantastic at full chat, and doesn’t have as much of the boominess when cruising as the stage 2. Having heard both Jamie’s 2bular and someone elses Larini from the pit wall I would say the Larini sounds better from the outside - louder and meaner. But overall I find the Larini is just a bit too loud - great if you are in the mood, but a bit much on a long journey. For while I was convinced it was getting louder, although perhaps that was just my tolerance was decreasing.

I think someone needs to come up with a dual character exhaust which is properly quiet when you want it to be, but loud n mean at full throttle. I am sure this would be possible with some kind valve/flap arrangement in the exhaust which bypasses part of the silencing (possibly would require 2 silencers??). The standard exhaust on the K series Elise 111s has such an arrangement, as do several supercars including the Fezza 360. I think in the Elise 111s the exhaust valve is opened using a vacuum from the inlet manifold, controlled by the ECU. For an aftermarket exhaust I guess the valve flap thing would have to be controlled some other way, even manually. Would be great - going to ‘quiet’ track day or a long motorway journey, set the flap to quiet mode. Out for a burn, have it good and loud.

If Jim (Mr 2Bular) is reading this, perhaps you could comment on the feasibility of this? I would certainly be up for testing/sponsoring a prototype


Hmmm, well it’s not the first time I’ve been asked about this feature Mark.
Looking at the std (and very heavy) set-up on the 111S - the final chamber in the silencer exits in “normal” mode thru the one pipe and when the valve is opened this effectively doubles the size of the exit pipe(s).
This is relatively easy to fabricate on a baffled box - not so easy on a straight-thru system. As you say, it might even require two separate silencers.
Certainly, I’ve given it some thought. A large Y-collector off the Cat pipe (which immediately limits the available length of silencer you can fit), into two straight-thru silencers. One of which can be isolated/activated by the valve you mentioned. I don’t think that layout would work effectively (at silencing) however. The dia of the silencers which would fit is only 110mm.
So it’s back to a heavy, baffled system which I won’t be getting involved with - sorry.
On the subject of Jamie’s GT3 silencer. It’s a big brute (only 6.4Kgs though). Necessary because of his future install (can we talk about it yet Jamie?)so it’s fairly quiet yes (bet it isn’t now though)
I would suggest fitting one of my 7"dia silencers, 18" or 22" long. In the second cam it makes the right noises but is perfect for cruising - no drone/resonance. The 22" easily meets the 98db drive-by at Donington.
There’s a trend emerging of owners buying the Ultra (definitely NOT TrackDay friendly) for the mad days AND a larger silencer for the TrackDays - you can swap them in an hour. Even quicker if you have the rear Panel Kit fitted. ie no rear grille.


Thanks for the info - obviously more to it than I had thought. Excuse my ignorance, but what is the problem with a baffled type silencer - is it just weight, or does it restrict the gas flow too?


Heh, no problem Mark. I have used baffled boxes in the past and their weight really puts me off. If you choose really large pipe you can get pretty close to a straight-thru box, power-wise but there’s also possible resonance problems to deal with (especially with Stainless) and it’s just not worth the hassle. Sometimes they end up noisier than a stright-thru design, so what’s the point?
See the back-to-back test results on my web-site on the 111S for possible power/torque gains.

I think someone needs to come up with a dual character exhaust which is properly quiet when you want it to be, but loud n mean at full throttle.

Been looking all my life for a woman with these characteristics and i doubt you’ll find an exhaust either