which ECU is in my car ?? help

hy guys

my exige is running a K20A jdm from blink (n�11) that"s all i know

the loom looks like an homemade spyder and the ECu looks like a rover one (maybe with an hondata inside)

i was at les ecuyers with Lot and suddenly my car refused to start, no pump, no ignition

we decided to plug the pump directly it buzzed but no ignition
sounds ike some sensors are dead or something ?

the pump is ok
the sarter is ok
the relay is ok
the fuses are ok

i am just enable to search after a short circuit or a sensor failure as i even don’t know what’s inside !

feel lonely on this side of the channel

Blink used to sell their own conversion but then switched to the link-up/eliseparts conversion.

Its sounds like that is an early one which will have a standard honda ecu. Later Link-up kits will have a honda & hondata daughter board.

Richard @ Blink is usually helpful, have you tried him?

If not try Simon Scuffham - he is always helpful.

ty john

do you have email and phone to contact richard ?

IIRC its [email protected] (or try info@)

Landline : 0870 12234545
Mobile : 07709 435920

they are numbers I had had for a long time though so may be old?

You could try Jonny @ bookatrack if you get no joy as he is/used to be with richard (oh er missus).

hi johnboy

i follow your advice and post on SELOC

Paul will take my car on a trailer and leave it UK

Simon will have a look on it

sounds like the end of my troubles !

ty m8