Which Clarion headunit in the 350 Sport ?

Model number please

Mine is CZ315E

Terrible head unit - a £70 Alpine unit from Halfords is far better.

You are right it is truly awful , any recommendations around the £150 mark ?

If someone suggests a £70 device that is far better, why spend the extra?

Speaking as an S1 owner without a “head unit” and who listens only to the music of a VHPD.

I listen to music a lot and would like a better device in my car to do so. If I have to pay extra I will do so . It’s important to me .

Fair enough :sunglasses:

Well it appears the head unit is half decent but the speakers are the " weak link " so am spending a few quid on some 3" and 4" Hertz replacements, had a demo in store … luverly!

All done , top job and the sound is stonking! Happy boy now !

so is it seats out job to replace the rear speakers, and how fiddly is it to get at the fronts to replace?
I have some new 3 and 4" Hertz speakers to go in, but haven’t felt like tackling this one.
I know I could get someone to do it, but I like to do as much as I can myself…mostly!

TBH I got an automotive ICE firm to do the job , it was passenger seat out . The Hertz speakers are excellent.