Where's my Handbook?

I took my car into service recently for the ECU recall and 12 weeks later … I got my car back but the workshop has lost my handbook. I know its not the most important thing in the world, but does anyone know where I can replace the handbook. I am tired of going through the dealers here in Australia.

Any help would be appreciated.


Nope, but service ans ECU recall… 12 weeks?

I took my car one day for the ECU recall and it took them 15 min altogether.
Service? Dropped it before work and picked it at luch time.

Usually there is a Lotus Part Number for the handbook so your dealer should be able to simply order a replacement for you - it seems they ought to do it anyway having lost it themselves.

And 12 weeks for ECU upgrade and service - they must have shipped it back to Hethel???

It sounds like you should find a new ‘dealer’ - any Lotus specialist should be able to do better than this.

Hi there Uldis & Mike,

Yeah it took a whooping 12 weeks. I was not impressed at all. When I first took my car in they said it will be just over the weekend and when I called back they told me that they needed a longer period etc etc … the time just dragged on and on … at the end of of about 8 weeks I was getting very anxious, so made some more inquires, they informed me that when they were upgrading the software on the ECU, they used the wrong version and basically the car won’t start after that. As a result they had to order a new ECU from Head office in UK.

So what do you think? lol


Oh by the way, I took your advise and went back to the workshop to ask them to order a handbook for me. And “apparently” they have kept my handbood and was going to give it back to me the next time I go in for service. So no harm done, I have my handbook back and all happy.