Where's IDG?

Just looking at some stats and IDG appears to have reached 4,999 posts and stopped. Last post was back on 8th Jan 2007?

You’ve got too much time on your hands

Pretty sure i caught a glimpse of him at Brands on saturday

Heard he had eloped with Mike Lane

Ian’s fine

For the last couple of months, he’s been concentrating on work stuff, but hopefully he’ll be back to normal shortly.

Benja & myself have been in regular contact with Ian, & as Evosal says, he was at Brands last Saturday

PS He is very aware that he’s on 4999, so he must be wanting to mark the next one with something special eg he’s bought an S2 with roof conversion

Now how did I know that you would know what he’s up to?

So next question…where’s Mike Lane

So next question…where’s Mike Lane

Not too sure, but I last spoke with him about 5 weeks ago, & he appeared to be well. Unfortunately, was only a brief conversation as we were both in pretty poor cellphone reception areas. Hoping to see him again in May

If anyone can tell me where Mike is I would be really grateful…

The b.st…d owes me some dosh and I want to get hold of him pretty quick…

Oh sh*t - I have swapped bodies and have taken hold of the wheel of the ex most powerful exige in the world!!!