where have my pops and bangs gone ????

Had an Emerald fitted on the 21st April and car popped and banged like a good-un - however for some reason over the last week its stopped all of a sudden

Car was timed on verniews the week before and cant understand why its stopped…

Please help me get it back and make me happy

There is a setting to fuel on overrun IIRC, and it makes it all flamethrowery and exciting. Maybe it got turned off?

Thanks - do you know what part of the emerald software its on ? or will it be self explanatory ?

Are you saying it stopped straight after the timing was done or all on its own a week later ??

its just decided to stop on its own - about a week(ish) after it was fitted

Have you stopped talking to it and stroking it ?

lol, i’ts been looked after and cuddled every night, (although i didnt get chance to clean it this weekend) - I even treated it to one of geary’s upgraded throttle linkage’s last night just incase it was that.

On a side note though - great improvement over the original though

Really ? What’s noticeable in the improvement ?

the pedal felt a bit loose and soft but after changing it the pedal response is nice and sharp and just generally feels better.

Best �20 i’ve ever spent

Hard to fit?

nah piece of piss to fit - the only awkward bit is putting all the washers on in the right order when your heads in the footwell.

But am sure if you’ve had a lotus for a few years you’ll have experianced the “Lotus Position”

Cheers and oh yes. A little tip if you haven’t experienced it, it’s best not to be in that position when the alarm goes!


Does anyone not have any thoughts ??? please ???

Did you refuel? Ultimate pops and bangs more than std 95.


Did you refuel? Ultimate pops and bangs more than std 95.


Agree - just ask anyone who was behind me at Rockingham on Friday.

p.s Rockingham national circuit gets a thumbs up from me.

Ok, will give it ago and cross my fingers !!

Well… after 2 months they’ve decided to come back !!

Must be cos i’ve just come back from my jollies an its missed me

Anyone if the emerald has a learning function at all ???