Where do i fit another Lotus ?

Got a bit too much sun at the weekend and I now looking like I am going to need a bigger garage ?? :wink:

Evora, Steve?

Rack’em, stack’em, & pack’em

What a line-up.

Nice line up, I’m sure you can squeeze another in if you try

tip em on their side, slide two more in then

An Evora :clap:

My place? :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too! :smiley:

Wey Hey :clap: Do tell Mike (with pics) :sunglasses:

Great news Mike - give us the gen…chop, chop! :sunglasses:

Not new, N/A, Laser Blue. Arriving soon.

Steve called in on his way home with the nice black Evora :sunglasses:

Nice :smiley:

Yep, & nice gaff Pete. Who built it? :laughing:

You garage is looking a bit small now, Pete. I know a good builder up your way.

Some cowboy I think Rob haha

The Evora looks fab :sunglasses:

Very tasty!

The exiges shirt with the Evora on too is still in the shop under specials :smiley:

Nice car Steve