Where are those Fuel Regulators hiding?

You may have seen a previous post about my fuel delivery problems. Thankfully I did not remove the tank before I found the regulator had seized (although I made an ugly hole → Tin Snipper)

I Googled & found a Mini website in German that sells the regulator - how come there isn’t a British site that sells this regulator? Any references??
Link to German Mini site

thanks again for your help,

I have no idea.
When I squeezed mine to 5 bar by mistake I couldn’t find another one. It is a Rover part but there is no Rover anymore. Rover dealers told me it’d be easy to find them elsewhere, Autosave (loca car parts) said the same, but at the end was given one by a friend that had changed the whole rail metal one).

There must be somewhere around here that sells it.

Don’t by another standard one. Simply get yourself an aftermarket regulator that is adjustable. Probably not much difference in cost. I have an aftermarket regulator on my car, that was supplied by Dave Walker.


SeanB, can you give me some websites? Does Dave Walker have a site?

Assuming it’s the same Dave Walker, he can be found here - http://www.emeraldm3d.com


Any standard K series fuel rail will yield a stock FPR which can be modified in a simple manner to change the fuel pressure. Alternatively Demon Thieves can supply an after market FPR with suitable adaptor to fit the K series fuel rail. I’m sure Dave will also know some alternative sources of supply. However they are not cheap…