When to bin track tyres

It will be the first track day of the year for me on Monday at Bedford :raised_hands:.

Weather is always a bit unpredictable this time of year, but if it is wet, Bedford is nice and wide, so the ideal place to have a spin.

I have two sets of wheels, one with AD08RS, the other set with 4 year old ZZRs.

The ZZRs have a decent amount of tread left having only done a handful of fairly easy track days and are stored in a dark (but cold over winter) garage. They look good, but feel a bit hard on the surface.

Should these be going in the bin at just over 4 years old or can I give them one more year?

I found heat cycles rather than age affected them more

Agree on heat cycles, you can feel when they are shot on track, no grip. If they felt ok, probably are. Do they feel soft to a finger nail and did they get sticky. I know it was cold but Bedford is very fast so they should get hot and sticky.

Fair point on the heat cycles being the more important factor.

They do feel harder than my AD08 road tyres, but they haven’t been used in 6 months so it’s not surprising. Sanding off the top layer creates a nice sticky surface that I can dig a nail into, so there might be some life left in them yet.

It’s a track day. If you’re not chasing the last tenth on lap time, just go and enjoy toasting the ZZRs. I’ve raced on four year old ZZRs and I’ve raced on ZZSs of a similar age (due to supply issues) against a field of ZZR Extreme runners. I probably came last but I had a lot of fun!

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