When Does a Classic become a Classic?

A lot of talk on exiges.com, as ever, about the S1’s future classic status.

Because I’ve lived a sheltered existence, could someone please explain exactly HOW and WHEN a car becomes a classic?

Or is it something totally subjective? - in which case, following on from SIMON E’s recent thread, do we already own one?

Because I’ve lived a sheltered existence

Somewhere in deepest Norfolk…

This is Hethel’s pad…


Bloody yuppies!

For sale, desirable residence with excellent views of the Norfolk skyline

The property boasts generous ensuite anti tank facilities and rustic sandbag walls.

Might suit a member of the exiges.com forum seeking shelter after asking the dumbest question of the week.

The term ‘classic’ in conjunction with sales is pure marketing hype.
I remember years ago (60’s) there used to be adverts in Exchange & Mart for the Triumph Mayflower always prefixed with ‘soon to be a classic’.
I doubt whether many people remember that classic.