When and where !!!

OK when and where are the Exiges.com trackdays this year.

I thought we were all going up to Knockhill ??

I’m thinking of Zandvoort and Spa - so anyone doing anything else ??

Gotta start thinking about this

I’m planning on doing the Zandvoort / Spa trip and I’m trying to convince the Scottish contingent that this is a must do but no firm commitments yet!

As for Knockhill you would have to plan very carefully to get a full day, if you are travelling all that way, as we usually do a half day open pit lane up here.


Yes, guys I feel a little bit guilty for not confirming what the plan will be, but the thing is that I haven’t been able to source an 8hr trackday at KH!

The ones I was able to assure were 4 hrs max (through the SIDC) and the whole S_E is willing to support the Scottish trip.

But not taking into account the weather (anything can happen up here), I don’t think 45 hrs is enough for you guys to drive all the way here.

Meanwhile, I’m going this Sunday. Last two days it’s been snowing up here and today was 9 DegC and sunny. The forecast for the whole rest of the week is 0 DegC, so I might be driving on snow!

Bring it on!

PS - I’ll still try to figure out the way to do an 8hr trackday at KH.

I’m fairly certain of Spa, and Zandvoort too if I can pass the 88db (from 30m) limit seeing as I was black flagged at Donno (although allowed to continue with a lift passing the meter).

Also considering going to the 'Ring as there are 2 public days after Spa.

Hopefully the Lotus Club will hold an all day session at Knockhill during the summer - they usually do.