Seen a set of wheels and slicks on ebay for �1500. Is this the going rate for spare rims guys?

Normal Exige rims �400 - �600 - although usually nearer the �400. If they are mag wheels then maybe �800 - �900.

Depends on what state the tyres are in. I have just bought some Dunlop British GT control tyres with 6 laps use for �300 - thats maybe slightly on the high side for lightly used AO48s etc.



Yes & no!

New Rimstock rims (without tyres) cost around �1300. Used rims fetch between �600 & �800 a set, depending upon condition. However, problem is that both new & used Rimstocks are usually in short supply, so you pays your money…

Some of the guys have gone for the lighter mag Speedlines - do a search on this bbs for details (or perhaps IDG will post up a link as he organised a recent group purchase of same).


Cheers, much appreciated

I wish I could find a set for �400-�600.

Best I was offered was �800 which I turned down.

A friend of mine is looking at having some Aluminium wheels to suit the Exige made. Let me know if you would be interested, price is likely to be �650 ish.


Was you who replied to my post on SELOC a couple of weeks ago.

I would need to know more details but yes I could be interested.

Yes it was. Don’t have too many details so far. Will chase it up tomorrow.

Ali is lighter yes? And �650 sounds pretty good to me so wouldn’t mind a spare set

(or perhaps IDG will post up a link as he organised a recent group purchase of same)

Ta da! - click here

They’re the wheel originally run on the Motorsport Elise and are so good looking they have been known to actually attach small pit crews.


If you’re interested call David (see link) he probably has some left as I think they did another run.