Wheels and tyres for sale

I have a set of standard Exige wheels fitted with AO39s for sale.
The tyres are pretty well used, but they’re got a fair amount of miles left on them. I’ll try to check the tread depth later.
The wheels are in very good condition apart from one which is slightly scuffed on the outside edge because it fell over when I was putting it away in the garage
Anybody care to make an offer?

I’m interested if the price is right.
I’ll email you offline.


If Uldis doesn’t take them I could be interested.


Cheers Dave. I’ll let you know.

I still haven’t managed to sell these yet. Anybody interested out there?

how much do you want for them and are you willing to split fronts and rears?

I was looking for about �600 for the set. I might split the set if nobody wants to take the whole lot.
It would obviously help if you can collect them, as posting them wouldn’t be easy


You have hotmail !!