Wheels and Tyres combination

We are going to go for the following:

Full set of standard Rimstock wheels
with AO39s for wet weather

Front set of AO48s (possibly full set) to replace worn ones.

Who’s likely to give the best deal?

AO48 fronts are at the wear indicators so will get finally killed off on Sunday at Mallory. I can possibly get some from Book-a-track as they are at Donny on Saturday, but need to get them fitted after Mallory. Don’t want to pay dealer fitting prices of �100

Any insider info please as need to keep the costs down.


Try Plans, I don’t of many people that have everything you list to be able to do you a deal with!


Here’s the deal:

A111G0042H, FRONT WHEEL EXIGE, [email protected]= 685.26
A111G0041H, REAR WHEEL EXIGE, [email protected]= 805.24
B122G0013L, 195 50 16 A048 LTS YOKOHAMA TYRE, [email protected]= 236.66
B117G0131L, 225 45 17 A048 LTS YOKOHAMA TYRE, [email protected]= 289.24

Delivery Next Day =36.00
Fit tyres, valve and balance = 46.00

Total of all the above = 2098.40
VAT = 367.22

Grand Total �2465.62

Less �500