Wheels again

I’m still trying to get something sorted on the wheel front and I’m in the process of having a bit of a brain wave…

Yesterday I was running the wheels from Simon’s race car and this works very very well. They are 15/16" so the overall diameter of the /wheel tyre is smaller which gives several advantages the biggest being that it allows you to run lower ride heights without messing up the suspension geometry. Other pro’s are that they have less unsprung weight and a larger variety of tyre sizes. On the road with standard wheels/tyres my car runs standard ride heights to give me good clearance (I have a bumpy drive) and by putting the smaller wheels on it instantly reduces the ride height to 90/98 without the need to change the spring platforms (and then camber/toe bump steer etc etc to compensate). The only downside is that the smaller sizes are a little less bling bling, but for the track that isn’t an issue.

Please raise your hands if you are intested in some wheels if Simon and I get some made… There is a much better chance of this happening with these sizes as they would fit both Elise and Exiges.

I can see your point, though you would lose some rubber because of the reduced footprint, I suppose…

What would they weigh, Chris?

How much lighter are the tyres?

My speedlines plus 48s run in at 16 Kg front, and 18 Kg rear, with the rimstocks 2 Kgs heavier

I expect that cost would depend on how many we went for, but as a guide, how about a min / max ??

Don’t care about bling, just zing !!!

You could buy some exactly like Simons right now and I think they are about �500 but the trouble is they are very very heavy as they were designed for forest stages. This is why we want to have some made using FEA to get them nice and light and to the design people like to look at. I think some FEA has been done and some predicted weights calculated, I will find out and post it up. Size wise we will make the rears 8.5" as per the Exige standard rims.

Cost wise I would say more than 500 and less than 700.

What’s it do to the gearing Chris?


A bit closer to needing a sequential with clutchless upchanges, I would think !!

With the right tyres the rolling radius would be the same ergo no changes to gearing etc…

…That said I’m a bling merchant at heart and would prefer a set of 16’s / 17’s… Wouldn’t this be the same as the S2 tho’???