During the Abbeville/Folembray excursion My S1 developed a serious wheel vibration and despite being very carefully rebalanced by an extremely enthusiastic Mr Speedy technician
It is still the same…Over 80 mph and who needs a vibrator??
Does not appear to be brake discs
26K mostly road miles in 5 years.
Any suggestions as to the cause.?? SSSTTTIIILLL SShhaakkiinnnggg

Ball joints, track rod ends or bushes the likely cause. Jack the car up and tug the offending wheel up and down and side to side to see if there is any play.

Ball joints, track rod ends, tire flat spot ( even the slightest would cause big vibration), wheel bearing, loose wheel nuts.

If you have a look for a post in the last few days concerning steering rack, should have the same troubleshooting as you need.

Also check the wheel condition, you might have a slightly oval wheel. Jack the wheel, just off the ground (1mm) and rotate checking the gap below. Although if it is oval your guy would have found the wheel difficult to balance.


mine had the very fancy ‘matching the lighter part of the wheel to the heavier part of the tyre using minimum balance weights’ treatment recently but I (sorry the front end of the car but you know what i mean) have developed a bit of a shake.

Could be any of the above or a big wieght has fallen off. if/when I find anything I will post the results



Tyre man did point out a slightly out of true wheel AND a slight flat spot.(different wheels)…will check the track rods etc.
Also found its slightly lower on the near side rear.
Going to Sinclairs for a geo check and some brake work as the pedal got longer and longer going into the final “hairpin”

Tiny flat spot = huge vibration.