wheel centre caps for 7-twin spoke alloys

these are the forged ones that were an optional fit a couple of years back - pic here : http://www.lotustalk.com/forums/attachments/f91/113281d1236010262-please-post-pictures-your-lotus-7-twin-spoke-forged-alloy-wheels-black-7-twin-spoke-forged-alloy-wheels-matte-black-1.jpg

any pointers ? got the wheels for track but the mad max look isn’t really my thing.

These are still available new if that’s what you were asking?

yes, i just didn’t know where from. would a dealer have them ? i just got a new batch in the post from chris neil’s but they’re the standard flat ones and can’t go on these wheels. not bothered because my standard ones have gone a bit tatty anyway but i’d like to tidy up these forged ones which i’ve just got.

where would i get these ?

EDIT - actually, are these the ones ? no mention of diameter.


have a look on DeRoure’s, then maybe try a dealer, armed with the part number…


Parts 6, 6a, & 7 here - you should find the right one amongst them - not cheap though! �15 a pop!!

“�15 a pop!!”

Thats expesinve for a cap!!!

[quote=lautll421]“�15 a pop!!”

Thats expesinve for a cap!!! [/quote]

Standard Lotus price :frowning:

if this is a normal cap and it is �3 i saw a ebay few months ago…

I have one new one here if you don’t need a whole set?

full set needed - i got the rims last week, some new old stock that had been sitting around and i picked them up at a bargain price so not complaining.

tried them out yesterday along with some slight camber/castor adjustments and whatever about lap times, the car does seem a good bit more lively.

You may not need the raised caps depending on the VIN of your car, just look to see if the driveshafts protude on the rear wheels

driveshafts are protruding half an inch more more. until i fitted the wheels, i had this naive idea i’d get away with the standard flat ones. would i be safe enough ordering those elise-shop ones ?

If they are below the level of the wheel by about 10mm you should be ok - got anyone with a standard one close by you can try?

i know two people with these exact wheels but they got the caps with them. one of them is not far from me and i even meant to try his caps at the trackday on friday but forgot. might get a chance to do that during the week.

Both types will fit (diameter is the same) is just whether they will go over the driveshaft spigot on the rears :slight_smile:

I will have aftermarket sets of all the flush types soon at �40 a set, getting samples this week & will post up