Wheel bolts

Went to take off one of my wheels today (changing the air filter) looked in my kit of tools and no star shapped socket thingy for the wheel bolts, I do have my locking wheel nut key but no convertor for the normal bolts.
So do I have to buy one? Should I have one?
I have already tried all the motor factors near me and halfords with no joy
Oh well my nice new green replacement filter will have to wait…

Did you buy the car new & have you had it long?

If yes, no & you’ve never looked in the tool wallet before i’d ask the dealer for a replacement.

I’m not sure if the key is a unique Lotus pattern (i doubt it), maybe a toyota item perhaps


Thanks for the reply
My car is only 8 months old and it was the dealers demonstrator
I had never looked for the stuff to take off a wheel before, I think I will ring the dealer tomorrow.

i believe its a 13mil splined socket only available through the stealer network. They cost �4 and are prone to snapping if the wheels nuts are not torqued correctly so IMHO id get two. cheers

All sorted now, the dealer is sending me the one that should have been in the toolkit all along