Wheel Arch Liners

Long shot, but has anyone got a set of new wheel arch liners for an S1 stashed away somehwere ?
If not its off to Deroure …

I ended up with a new set, costing about £500 :crazy:

Got them from www.sjsportscars.com

i have a set brand new but in Hong Kong, those things are huge!

Hong Kong is not so far from Shenzen though, which is not so far from Shanghai … which is getting closer to Canberra … ( Im located in Canberra OZ )

Seriously, if your wanting to sell let me know and after this virus thing has died down I could get someone to pick up - I’m usually in Shanghai every month and transit through Hong Kong …

Yes you can have it for HKD$3500 ( Equivalent to around GBP 350 ish) if you can get someone to pick up in Hong Kong! pm me when you ready…

OK, thats good for me - obviously timing is depending when travel is a go again - are you in HK - cash on collection ? Please PM me an address and I will start planning