wheel alternative for S1's

i am always looking for alternative wheels for track tyres and as spare. the odd sizes and very odd PCD make this task almost impossible, therefore well expensive, originals from lotus or speedlines, both pants down expensive.

whilst trawling red motorsports website, they are very sucessful in the german lotus cup, I see they offer a nice set of wheels for the S1.

here is a link- red motorsport

thats all.

But they’re �1300, which is more than the Speedlines (see here). I guess the search continues.

Agree they look good, but there’s no claims on weight.


The Komotec website lists the weight of Speedline Mags as 8.2kg fronts and 8.9kg rears. That sounds rather heavy to me, when the stock ones are 8.5kg fronts and 11.2kg rears.

Has anybody actually weighed these wheels?


Mike Lane did. Try a search.

I didn’t buy mine because they were lighter, more because they were the original Motorsport Elise wheels and look great on the car.


Thanks Ian.

You guys got a really good deal from Speedline!

i took std wheels with 48s and compared them to speedlines with yoko slicks.

result 17Kg difference…
keep in mind that the difference is in the rims but also tires are lighter.


Any pictures of S1 Exiges with alternative sets of wheels?




Are they the same size as the normal wheels, or are they able to take a wider range of tyres?

here is mine:



As far as I know they are the same dimensions other than the offset at the rear, for which a 3mm spacer is used.