Wheel Alignment Problem

My left front wheel is positioned to the back of the wheel arch and touches when going over big bumps. A 4 wheel alignment has been done and I’ve measured the wheel positions 2300mm each side, but both left wheels are 7-8mm further back in the wheelarch than the right side. So far the garage (good independent) have replace both trackrod ends, the damper and the balljoint and have now given up, everything seems tight and the clams look okay.

Any ideas or similar problems – poor 4 wheel alignment, poor clam tolerances, whishbone bent?

I’m thinking of getting the 4 wheel alignment checked independently.


Hi Kerry,

what if the bodywork was incorrectly mounted?
Just a thought.


It would have to be incorrect on one side only, which would mean tapering gaps, all the gaps look okay. I can’t rule out manufacturing tolerances, but the difference seems too much, and I would expect to have heard of several cars with the same problem.

Kerry (puzzled)

Are you sure the chassis and suspension mounts are straight?

Can’t be 100% sure, but there is no sign of damage, I thought the lower wishbone might have a slight bend towards the back, and the end of the steering rack a similar bend, but it is very slight if at all.

If there was a slight bend this should be compensated for when doing the 4 wheel alignment - correct?


Best thing to do is to measure the wheels relative to the chassis, forget the clams as anyone who repairs these cars will tell you that the fitment is appalling !!

Use a metal ruler and hold it against the wishbones, you should be able to see if it is bent or not.


Have you got print-out of the before and after result of your alignment??

Not with my exige but with every other car except my BMW I have had no end of bother getting geometry set properly. I would suspect that your clams aint straight?? It’s unlikely that anything being bent front and rear would give the same out-of-spec result??

If anything is bent - I doubt they would be able to set the geometry properly - also if you have a print-out is the Thrust Line reading a big fat zero?? This will take precedence over other readings.