whats wrong

I dont know if you can help out there i have a problem that my car will not start it has been running ok until i washed it and now it dont want to play.It just will not fire so it doesnt seem to be the battery and it was serviced recently can anyone give me some help as this is my works pc and i have to go soon thanks guys

Water in the spark plug holes, remove the cover, pull the plug leads and use a tissue or cloth to soak up the water.


Do you work at a car wash place then?

Hope you get it sorted okay.

it happened to me twice, once in the rain and once after a washing session. It was the throttle position sensor.


Hi Richie - hope you’ve sorted it by now. Mine got mega wet on M1 last year in torrential downpour and a quick dry out and liberal application of WD40, hey voila - perfect. It has refused to fire (morning, first thing) twice in last year and I still not bottomed why, restarted perfectly 24 hrs later.

I’ve uprated battery and lil’ monster has started on button everytime since - tempting fate no doubt no start in the morning

Good luck and let us know if you find reason…

mine failed to start one morning after sitting out in the wet all night. refused to start all day, even after airing the engine. A good spray of WD40 and check the connections of HT leads, then turning the engine over with out fuel going in (disconnect injector leads) to clear the flooding it then fired up as normal.

Thanks for your help guys it is now running again it turned out there was a lot of water present in the plug chambers infact a surprising amount had actually got in.Anyhow after removing them and giving a thorough drying it eventually fired up.Its only me who needs to dry out now does wd40 work?


Fitting an Elise MK2 plastic cam cover will eliminate the “water in plug hole” problem! They only cost about �12. If you do a “search” on this site, you should find more info. Picture of mine Here

Its only me who needs to dry out now does wd40 work?

Try Brandy - there is usually a load of it left after the New Year’s Party