Whats the latest S/C rumour ?

Last one I heard (from a dealer 3 months ago) was end of this year at around �10k.

Any more recent updates ?


Ragnorak Racing (www.ragnorakracing.com).
I expect both of my blower kits( 250RR and 280RR) to be in the 4000 pound range!

If I were a betting man, I’d say �7K for the Lotus fitted kit. Non Lotus kit would, of course, invalidate the warranty on your engine!!

An American dealer was suggesting on their website maybe something in the next few months. I cant’ see anything being offered performance wise for the federal market only.

We’ll see. Firm denials from lotus recently suggest something is on the cards


Last I heard was this Lotus sc maybe next year at 7-8k

Also as Ozzer was saying the 250RR and 280RR from the US Ragnorak Racing have been promising lowish prices I got the following in an email
250RR 4k +VAT & Shipping plus problably fitting (5-6k?)
280RR 5k +VAT & Shipping plus problably fitting (6-7k??)
Turbo 275 $8995 plus shipping VAT and fitting

Last one I heard (from a dealer 3 months ago) was end of this year at around �10k.

Any more recent updates ?

Lotus S\C kits are now being offered for sale by Dealers here in Australia as well as 10 cars Lotus cup 240’s
Price is 159,000 AUD for the cars
4 sold allready.
s\c Kit 40,000 AUD including seats, roll cage, intercooler, Ohlins, Brake’s, accu sump, and LSD
Price includes fitting and Factory warranty

Thats 17,055.48 GBP for a supercharger !!!

You could buy a supercharged Honda and Nitrons and the rest for that and still have enough money left to fly over to aus and tell the dealers how F$%king expensive they are.

Even the lowest price mentioned sounds expensive (5-6K) comared to Maidstones (you friends) offfering for the SC upgrade.

About 3.5K should be tops for a SC (says me)

Appraently it is offered for the cup cars now…so the rest are sure to follow, hopefully.

I’m only saying that as guess the cup cars dont come with the same warranty as a road car


After driving the 240R I think I would find it hard to pay 7k for the sc.
The break down is interesting…

for the 240R your looking at �140 per hp!!! (�7000/50hp = �140 per hp)
For th 250RR your looking at �83.34 per hp (5000/60 = 83.34)
The 280RR seems more tempting if it came out at 6k (�6000/90hp = �66.67 per HP)
275 tubo ($8995 = �5063 + VAT & fitting so total 7.5k) �88.24per hp (7500/85 = 88.24 per hp)

I recon the 250RR and 280RR will come out costing a bit more. just have to wait and see

Would love to have a go of a turbo exige. I bet it sounds wicked.

Problem is I dont think it is in the ‘spirt’ of the Exige. Plus if it has any lag it would be no fun on track at all. Can just see it ending in the kitty litter .

Has any one driven one of the Rover tubo Exige?