Whats the best way to stick number plates on?

as the front plate has come unstuck at one end and has been for a while now but id rather it was all stuck down. also the rear plate is now hanging down at an angle due to two of the three sticky pads seem to have lost their stick? whats would you guys recommend? Thanks

try this off ebay or any good hardware store


thanks, i went out this morning to find something, got some sticky tape stuff but it doesnt work, when i got home to try it out, the back plate had actually fallen off somewhere along the journey home so had to send someone out to look for it- thankfully found it again in no time so have glued the back one on so that there is no way of losing it again.

so have glued the back one on so that there is no way of losing it again.

What have you used to glue it on?

its called EVOSTIK.

directly to the back plate?

yeah, i put it on the back of the plate and on the metal that the plate sticks to, once its touch dry, press together- you only get one shot at this as it as its strong stuff.
im not doing this to the front plate as thats fine at the moment and is more likely to snap/get damaged and will be alot easier to replace if it has not been glued.

guess you must be planning to keep your car for life then

its my dream car, no reason for a change for a while yet. you will be able to prise the plate off if needs be as its stuck onto metal, if the plate was stuck onto the plastic, you would probibly take half the car off with your plate.


is this an S2 ??

yeah its an S2