What's in your garage at home

This guy has taste, S2 as well I believe
Top Mayn

Weird that his most prized possessions are his cars, most of which are company cars from BMW…

So if he moves to Renault and gets a Megane + Scenic, they will be his prized possessions ?!

“The Power of Sponsors”

New Audi S3
and untill last week a mint mk2 Golf Gti 16v

This guy has taste…

This guy?!


Who “…honestly…” thinks this ‘fin-fest’ is “…the most beautiful car I have ever seen.”!


He might be able to pedal but PLEASE, taste?!


Ian, was purely referring to the fact he has an Exige. Not the BM sh1te. Surely you gathered that dooh

Ok, I’ll give you that one.