what wheels are these?

i have not seen these sort of wheels on an exige… can you tel me what they are please?


oh… and a big HELLO to everyone its good to be back! its been seven months without one (lotus that is!) i will post some pictures at the weekend

Lotus 7 spoke Lightweight Wheels - available as cost option from Lotus or new here


Lotus Sport split 7 spoke forged alloys. Lightest wheels available from lotus. Slightly lighter than the 240R wheels but same size as standard ie 6.5J and 7.5J. 240R wheels are 7J and 8J. Total weight saving of about 10kg over the standard Exige wheels.

These are available as an option on the Exige and Elise but Elise has fronts at 6J.

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But with lots more detail - you win

They’re Great !!


thank-you gentlemen