What to look for?

Hi, I am looking to buy a secondhand Exige shortly and would like to know if there is any particular problems to look for? Also how can I tell if its a 190?

Reg, have a dig round the site (Exige Talk gets most of the traffic) as this has been answered a lot recently.

As a quickie, make sure it’s had regular dealer/specialist service and Yoko A039 or A048 tyres (that aren’t too worn). A 190 will rev to almost 8000 and run cooler, at about 82o (std is about 7500 & 89o I believe).

You’ve made a good choice, they’re amazing. Make sure you try it on a track.


You’ve made a good choice, they’re amazing. Ian

Yes I already know this After owning a Turbo Esprit for 3 years, a newer Lotus is the only way forward